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Curious about what Energy Healing involves? Watch below to learn about various techniques that Angela practices.

Energies feeling scrambled?
Feeling Disconnected?
Feeling unprotected? Lacking confidence?
Need an energy adjustment? - Donna Eden
The Shift Network Energy Medicine Techniques: Connecting us to our Higher Consciousness, increasing our ability to be more Self-Loving.
Need to feed your yin & yang energy aura? - Donna Eden
Need a Boost?
Need to protect your body from nasty energies?
Need help concentrating? Want to get your energy back?
Experiencing Hot Flashes?
Need Help Balancing Your Hormones?
Need to claim your space in the world? Do this!
Looking to restore your energy? - Donna Eden
Need to improve your coordination?
Menopause Summit
Overthinking? Insomnia? Need to get back into your body?
Need help strengthening the immune system?
Feeling unwell? Use the Homolateral Repatterning technique
Tired? Burnt out? Depleted?
Need a coordination boost!