I recently graduated from the deeply rewarding, 2-year Eden Energy Medicine training program! What an honor and a privilege it has been. As I continue to spend time mesmerized by all things Energy Healing, it made me wonder… have I spoken enough about what Energy Medicine actually is?!

So, what IS Energy Medicine?

Firstly, we can use the terms Energy Medicine and Energy Healing interchangeably!

Energy Healing is a type of holistic medicine that is rooted in integrating balance and harmony within the Mind, Body, and Spirit.  It utilizes a variety of mind-body approaches to understand and improve an individual’s overall quality of life, vitality, and sense of wholeness.

What does that mean?

It means we can channel energy in specific ways to help heal ourselves, so we can live happier, healthier, lives!

And here is the exciting thing — Energy Healing is accessible to everyone!

Energy Medicine and the Human Body

Energy Medicine is based upon the premise that the human body is composed of an extraordinarily complex network of energy systems. This type of healing is a powerfully transformative approach to mental, physical, and spiritual health. By clearing blockages and restoring the flow of energy, overall quality of life is improved and vitality restored, promoting a sense of wholeness and well-being.

Some Energy Healing practices focus on the energy centers (or chakras) within our bodies and seek to release anything blocking the flow of energy within these energetic portals. Other healing methods, like acupuncture and Emotional Freedom Technique, focus more on the long currents of energy (or meridians) flowing through our bodies.

No matter what Method is used, all Methods involve harmonizing the Mind, Body, and Spirit to allow for the free flow of healing energy along the “energy superhighway.” This promotes resonance, balance, and ease of flow.

My Journey with Energy Medicine

A bit about me and how I began my journey into the world of Energy Medicine….

For those of you who don’t know -- I came to this field in a round-about way.  Initially, I earned my PhD in Clinical Psychology, where I practiced for many years before I began my journey into the world of training in Energy Medicine. 

Over the last decade as I have been practicing Energy Medicine on my clients and myself, I have seen (and experienced!) the powerful transformations that can occur to help people to POWER UP their lives when Energy Medicine is used.  For over two decades I have combined my background training in Clinical Psychology and Advanced Certificates in Energy Healing modalities to guide my clients through meaningful and intentional inner work.

The Segal System of Energy Healing

I crafted The Segal System of Energy Healing, which bears my own “energetic” signature, or way of working with my clients.  My system includes, but is not limited to

  • The Release
  • Self-Loving Blocked Energy
  • Self-Loving Infusion Install
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • 5 Element Affirmations

Some of these techniques may include tapping and/or holding on various acupressure points, sound healing or tonal sounds to clear blockages and unlock underlying beliefs and emotions, and other methods to heal a variety of mental, physical, and spiritual ailments. Underpinning my work with clients is a balance between intuition and Muscle testing (applied kinesiology).

The POWER of Energy Healing

How incredible does this sound to you?  I promise it is! As we move through 2023, I’ll be bringing you lots of different ways that YOU can use Energy Healing techniques to POWER UP your life, and boost your overall well being.

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