Menopause and perimenopause can be a wildly transitional period for women. Hormonal changes, weight gain, self-esteem issues, mood shifts, body changes – all of these variables impact our energy system. As estrogen decreases during menopause, so do serotonin levels (that’s the chemical in the brain that promotes happiness.) We want to do everything we can to ensure these energies and hormones are as balanced as possible!

The more we rebalance our energies and our bodies, the better we feel. Here I outline powerful Energy Medicine techniques that will help realign, rebalance, reset, and POWER UP your system.

The Adrenal Pump

The Adrenal Pump can help with lethargy, lack of energy, lack of motivation – symptoms that can occur during menopause. You’ll feel more energetic, more plugged in, more connected to your truth. Because the adrenal glands sit on top of the kidneys, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) uses the Kidney meridian as a starting point for the adrenals.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Place left hand on belly
  • With your right hand pump under collarbone on the left side – repeat 7x’s
  • Keeping your left hand on belly, pump under collarbone on the right side – repeat 7x’s
  • Return to collarbone on the left side, pump 7x’s adding a sound
  • Return to the right side, pump 7 x’s adding a sound
  • Return to the left side and pump again. This time hold your breath for 7 seconds then slowly release and tap 7x’s slowly on the exhale
  • Repeat on the right side – pump again holding your breath for 7 seconds then slowly release and tap 7x’s slowly on the exhale.

Bach to Life

We use sound to help synchronize brain waves, which helps restore the vibrational frequencies of the cells in our bodies. When sound vibrations travel through our body, there is greater circulation and energy flow throughout. I created this exercise using vowel sounds to tone our chakras and bring our cells back to a balanced state, as well as to upgrade our vibrations.

Here’s how:

Tap on the inside of your finger where your nail bed is and make the following vowel sounds:

  • I (AH) HEART
  • U ROOT

Homolateral Crossover Technique

Our energies have to cross over for our bodies to work most effectively. Having our energies crossed over allows us to be more awake and raises us out of more anxious, depressed, illness-type states. This Donna Eden exercise can help do this.

Here’s how:

  • Do this 2-3 times every day to create new patterning. This will help your hormones flow better. It is also really important if you are recovering from illness or are chronically ill.
  • First thing we want to do is to be sure that your energies are crossing over. Feeling down/depressed is an indicator that energies are running in a homolateral pattern. This homolateral crossover will correct this.

Penetrating Flow

If you have a lower libido, the Penetrating Flow (PF) can help improve sexual desire and also improve sexual function. It can help when feeling dysthymic or depressed. In fact, the PF carries emotions and energy deep into our entire system. Our vitality, thoughts and feelings are determined by the PF, so this is a must-do as far as I’m concerned!

This is how:

  • Place hands at the back of waist, opposite of bellybutton and rub. Bring hands up and over buttocks, pulling hands in front to the pubic bone.
  • Continue by bringing the hands all the way up your body to the front, up the throat to the cheekbones, down chin and back to the heart.

Cool Down and Calm Down - Triple Warmer Smoothie

One of the most well-known symptoms women are faced with during menopause are the dreaded hot flashes! So how do we cool down? Anything that helps the sympathetic nervous system is going to help calm everything down.

The Triple Warmer Smoothie technique created by Donna Eden really helps with hot flashes, panic, and calming down the nervous system. As she says, “When your energies are in harmony, your hormones follow.” This really shows us how much power and control we have over both.

  • Place your hands over your eyes – pull your hands apart and rest at your temples. Take a deep breath in above your ears and down the neck and rest your hands on your shoulders, take a deep breath in, digging into your shoulders and dragging to shoulder top, release and rest your hands on your heart chakra. Hold here for a few breaths.

Margaret Mead once said, “There is no greater power in the world than the zest of a postmenopausal woman.”

It's so true!

I hope these exercises help you to POWER UP as you transition along your menopause journey.

With Love and Zest, Angela