IMPORTANT! Please be sure to only use positive and affirmative words so their energetic vibrations can further magnify into your field.

Write your intentions on a piece of paper or notecard. Be as clear as possible!

Tip: Use colored markers! Make it fun!

Remember, intentions can be about what you want to bring in and what you want to release! However, make sure to keep the two separate by writing them on separate cards. We want to be clear with what we put into the bio-field! Have multiple intentions? No worries. Write them all.


This is about what is for your highest good! What are you dreaming of? What does your heart desire most? Your intentions may be related to health, love, money, career (and so much more!)

Write your intentions down as if it’s already happening. Here’s an example of one of my own intentions that I set prior to a trip to LA where I was invited to work with many souls for several days doing Energy Healing/Medicine Sessions to help folks along their journey.

“I’m in LA, working with various beautiful souls, helping to bring light into their lives. I am using my skills as a healer to help these clients reach their greatest and highest potential.” I imagine myself in good health, healthy, vibrant, happy and strong.

I want you to do the same. Set your image in your mind. Imagine yourself as this person saying, “I am healthy. I am vibrant. I am living a life full of joy, connection, and purpose. I am radiant and alive.”


Here’s an example on setting the intention to remove or release someone from our field:

“This person and I are free and safe to go our own ways with our energetic fields, where nothing and no one can hurt either of us. We cut any connection that’s bringing us together so we can each can reach our highest potential with ease, flow, and grace”

Use positive language, bless the person, let it go. Free them and yourself, in whatever way isn’t serving you.

Tip: After you’ve written your release, take your hand and do a figure 8 in the field in front of your body to seal the intention.

As long as you stay in a positive space, using positive language, you can’t get it wrong!