Are you ready to connect with your deepest desires and release what no longer serves you? This Intention Setting Recipe infuses a glass of water with the power of the Full Moon, allowing you to name and manifest what you want the most.

Fulfill your desires with the Full Moon.

A Full Moon is a wonderful time to reset, hone in on what it is you truly want, and release what no longer serves you. With this ceremony, you will set very clear intentions about what you want the most, to help bring it forth. It is perfect not only for manifesting, but also for removing barriers and breaking free of what no longer serves you.

By putting your conscious mindful intentions out into the bio-field and harnessing the Moon’s superpowers – which you’ll infuse into water and then drink  – you’re taking this energetic recipe to a whole different level.

There’s an alignment that happens on the Full Moon. It’s a special and sacred time to pause and take time to think about and create what we want to bring forth. Add in infused water, prayer, sage, nature, and you can truly POWER UP!

Connect with the Bio-Field

There’s a field – a bio-field, or an energy field – inside our bodies and all around us. Everything is touched by this field, connecting us all. By participating in this ceremony, we’re activating our intentions and raising our vibrations. We’re also interacting with the bio-field and connecting with a higher level of consciousness. With the power of the Full Moon, positive intentions, and working with the bio-field, you’ll not only start to see shifts – you’ll begin to see your desires coming into fruition!

Set Your Intentions

Now it’s time to set your intentions. Not sure how? In this Blog Post, I provide step-by-step guidance.

It’s time to POWER UP! Set your intentions, grab a glass bottle of water, read the magical recipe below, and report back.

Intention Setting Recipe

Your Spiritual Tools

  • Your intentions written on paper or a card
  • Water in glass bottle(s) - no plastic
  • A Divine prayer
  • Sage and/or Palo Santo
  • A lighter


  • Crystals

Step 1: Set-Up

Take your written intentions outside and place a glass bottle of water (with the lid on) on top of the paper.

Tip: I will often do up to 4 glass bottles.

Step 2: Crystals

If you have them, put your favorite crystals around the water. Crystals build energy into the water too.

Tip: If you don't have crystals, imagine that you do! Visualize crystals around the glass to gain the superpowers of their energy.

Step 3: Speak Your Desires

Say a prayer, spoken aloud to the Divine and include your written intentions.

Step 4: Build on the Power

Burn sage in the field in front of you, then burn palo santo. Make figure 8s in the field above the water in front of your body.

Step 5: Infuse with the Moon

Leave the glass bottle(s) on top of your written intentions overnight and collect your water in the morning. Drink it! I tend to drink my water within 24-48 hrs. You can put a little bit in your tea or drink a little bit each day.

Tip: The night of the Full Moon is wonderful for infusion, but you can also have excellent results when you do this the night after the Full Moon.