Are you ready to live a Self-Loving Lifestyle?

How shifting self-talk is key to true happiness.

When we say YES to believing in ourselves, we are allowing the energy of flow as we step into our essence, our power – a wonderful self-loving action. When we say YES to believing in believing—we are making a declaration that we are worthy of accepting our greatness and it is here that we can begin to automatically POWER UP with worthiness. We do this by saying yes to loving ourselves. Believing in oneself is analogous to loving oneself; loving oneself is analogous to believing in oneself.


The action of self-loving is an absolute practice. This practice involves mindful and action-oriented consistent and intentional acts of self-love. With intentional and consistent self-loving practices, you will begin to feel yourself become brighter, more hopeful, more excited about possibilities, and who knows what! The more we practice, the more we can truly embody “self-loving.”

When we gift ourselves the time to dream and love ourselves enough to own our deepest desires, we can live from our hearts and begin to discover (and sometimes rediscover) and ignite (or sometimes reignite) our passions. All of this leading to living a more Self-Loving Lifestyle.

So where does believing in ourselves come into the equation, and why is it so important?

According to Dr. Lissa Rankin, MD, author of Mind over Medicine, placebos change not just how you feel, but your biochemistry. More and more, doctors and therapists alike ought to be assisting in helping the person in front of them believe that they are absolutely amazing!


Because this belief has the potential to change a person’s biochemistry.

As a matter of fact, “believing in” can have an incredibly powerful outcome. The dance between the biophotons (think quantum physics) meets Law of Attraction, creates a symbiotic set up and relationship for a happier you.

Think Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Belief and the power this can have on our Mind, Body, Spirit Matrix along with the impact on all of the cells in our bodies…

What if we all got a daily dose of someone else believing in us and even more so, what if you believed in yourself more?

When we believe in ourselves it is the very foundation to all loving relationships fundamental to our happiness and core to our being.

Who wouldn’t want this, right?

Banishing Critical Self-Talk

We all know that critical self-talk can, and most often will, bite us in the ass if we let it. But, when we are ever more conscious, we can—as though we have a rubber band around our wrist—stop ourselves from sliding into negative self-limiting talk that simply hinders our growth, our relationships, our heart, our soul, our spirit. I truly believe if more people were conscious and awake in this way alone, the happiness quotient would have a powerful domino effect with a significant increase in joy.

Let me say that this sort of training and learning and living from the inside out is not just something that knocks on the door, it is a very intentional and active process. Once this muscle is flexed, the gifts begin to present themselves. So, it’s a bit like working out. You receive the benefits from your hard work, commitment, and dedication. It’s an ongoing commitment to yourself.

Are you worth it? I think you are!

Changing Your Relationship with You

So many people will ask me “What are you doing that allows you to be happy?” (Of course, I am not happy all of the time and I have had plenty of practice here which makes me an expert :)!)

So let me just say my friends, it all starts with self-talk!!

I am just like you, so I have become an expert on listening to how I speak to myself, and I know that how that conversation goes determines the outcome of my happiness.

Yes, this means we can really control whether or not we are happy! We really are in charge!

Taking Control of Your Happiness

I believe that I am, and you are, fully responsible for your own relationship with yourself. This is the fundamental foundation for all successful relationships.

If you are busy beating yourself up and criticizing yourself - believe me when I say that this will absolutely impact every other relationship and everything else in your life. I have worked with enough people and seen enough people in action to know that this is the truth of it.

So go with kindness, love, and compassion.

Believe that you can.

Make this an intentional practice.

And if you are struggling, pray to your higher power for the strength to find your strength. But please don’t ever give up.

You really are not alone.

It really comes down to believing in believing and it begins with believing in yourself.

I invite you to tune into the Little Voice Inside. Where can you shift from critical to loving?