Angela smiling with her eyes looking off to the side wearing a bright yellow shirt and sitting in front of crystals and a laptop.

Meet Angela Segal, PhD

Dr. Angela Segal is an Energy Healing Practitioner and a Psychologist who helps people heal their traumas, rebalance their energies, and rediscover their center. Most importantly, Angela helps people tap into their Self-Loving energy — which she believes is at the root of all wellbeing.

With her extensive training and experience, Dr. Segal has found that the body's energies often store the roots of psychological problems deep within. Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology (including science-based healing techniques such as Emotional Freedom Techniques/ EFT) are friends to help resolve and release these often stuck and blocked energies.

In addition to holding a PhD in Clinical Psychology from The California School of Professional Psychology, Dr. Segal has studied extensively with various meditation teachers (Tara Brach, PhD, Jack Kornfeld, PhD, Neuroscientist Debbie Norris, PhD, and Rudy Bauer, PhD), as well as with gifted Energy Healing and Energy Medicine pioneers and practitioners (Donna Eden, Amy B. Scher, and Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD). Dr. Segal recently completed a 2-year training program in Eden Energy Medicine.

Three of Angela’s favorite pastimes are singing and playing guitar, spending time with her daughters and loved ones (especially in nature), and, surprise, surprise, you guessed it - learning anything and everything she possibly can about how to help someone love themselves down to their core!

Dr. Segal has been described as a gifted healer who infuses her “cerebral background” with her “hippie soul.”

Angela is here to remind you that how we get “there” is in the practice of being “here”! She will also remind you that you are not alone and that you are enough!

Angela lives on the East Coast, but her spirit calls the oceans of California home as well.

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